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Insurgent stars on book series’ controversial ending: ‘It’s totally natural’

Shailene Woodley and Theo James have discussed the controversial ending to Veronica Roth’s Divergent series.

The pair reprise their roles as Tris Prior and Four in movie sequel Insurgent, and will begin filming a two-part adaptation of Allegiant this summer.

“I thought it was totally natural,” Theo James told Digital Spy of Allegiant’s divisive ending, which sees Tris sacrifice her life for her cause.

“I thought it would happen anyway, even before I was told. Tris’s character is all about self-sacrifice, she’s almost like a Christ-like character.”

Watch the video above to hear Woodley weigh in on Tris’s fate, and to see both actors discus the developing romance between Tris and Four in Insurgent.

Insurgent is released in the UK on March 19, and the US on March 20. Watch our countdown of the biggest blockbusters of 2015, including Insurgent, in the video below:


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‘Insurgent’ Star Shailene Woodley on Social Media and Staying in Shape

Shailene Woodley has just one thing to say about her Insurgent co-stars.

“First off, they’re just really groovy ladies!” the actress gushed of her Insurgent castmates Octavia Spencer and Naomi Watts when the three sat down with ET’s Brooke Anderson to talk social media and staying in shape for the highly-anticipated Divergent sequel.

And the affection goes both ways.

“She is mind-blowingly talented,” Watts said of Woodley. “She’s got that vulnerability but that ferocity as well.”

In the action-packed adaptation, Woodley plays Tris, a member of the Divergent faction, on the run from the oppressive Erudite government. The high-octane storyline necessitated fitness and totally commitment from the film’s leading lady.

“I wanted to do as many [stunts] as I possibly could, before insurance stepped in,” the actress told Anderson. “The great thing about stunts is that you get to basically skydive without the fear of your parachute not opening.”

The young cast members of Insurgent, Woodley, Theo James, Ansel Elgort, and Miles Teller, started the franchise as relative unknowns, but that’s all changed as they’ve become big stars thanks to the Divergent series and other major movies like Whiplash and The Fault in Our Stars. But don’t expect to find Woodley on social media anytime soon.

“I feel like I don’t have enough time,” Woodley laughs. “It takes up so much time! And your poor thumb…like the dexterity of your finger, to constantly be scrolling on your phone…I only know how to do me.”


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‘Divergent’: Shailene Woodley, Theo James promise emotional ‘Insurgent’

Shailene Woodley kicked off 2014 with the Sundance Film Festival premiere of “White Bird in a Blizzard,” the Gregg Araki film in which she plays a teenager whose mother unexpectedly disappears. Two months later, she was forging her own path in a future Chicago in “Divergent,” the first big-screen adaptation of the bestselling young adult novels written by Veronica Roth. By midsummer, she was grappling with first love and a terminal cancer diagnosis in the breakout hit “The Fault in Our Stars.”

But neither her demanding work schedule nor the attendant onslaught of exposure Woodley’s received appears to have created much stress or tension for the young actress, who has developed a reputation in Hollywood for her candor and earthiness. Both qualities were on display when the 22-year-old sat down with Hero Complex last month to discuss the August arrival of “Divergent” on Blu-ray and DVD. (Click through the gallery above for a detailed look at “Divergent.”)

Stretched out on a sofa in a San Diego hotel room, Woodley snacked on popcorn — “It makes life feel like a movie” — while seated beside costar Theo James. The duo, who brought to life feisty heroine Tris Prior and her Dauntless guide Four, described their on-screen rapport and offered some details on the upcoming “Divergent” sequel, “Insurgent,” which is being directed by Robert Schwentke and is set for release March 20, 2015.

Hero Complex: There’s been a lot of discussion about the importance of strong women on screen of late, but, as a recent essay on The Dissolve pointed out, those characters don’t always have enough to do on screen. It’s great that Tris is the engine that drives this story.

Shailene Woodley: That is one of the reasons I fell in love with “Divergent,” because Tris, she’s not a superhero, and she wasn’t born with superpowers or an ability to do things. She was born a normal girl and lived a very normal life for a long time, and although she had curiosities about Dauntless and these other factions, she was never able to exercise them in Abnegation. I love that the movie follows her arc and it follows this young girl who starts from a very vulnerable place and in the end is still in a very vulnerable place but a very different place internally. I love that you get to watch her grow and learn certain skill sets. She doesn’t know how to shoot a gun in the beginning of the film, and she learns it throughout the movie. I think it’s a great example of whatever your cause is for young girls that you don’t have to start somewhere, you can always aim to get somewhere.
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