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‘Divergent’ Making-Of Clip from DVD Documentary

The only thing more exciting than watching that brutal boxing match between Dauntless initiates Tris and Peter: getting to be one of the contenders who brought it to life on screen. In this behind-the-scenes clip from “Bringing Divergent to Life,” the documentary extra from the “Divergent” Blu-Ray, Shailene Woodley and Miles Teller remember what it was like to put together their amazing fight scene, from which Miles’ character Peter emerged victorious.

Although Shailene has nothing but good things to say about how well-choreographed the sparring was, Miles remembers having qualms about the realization that he was going to have to beat up a girl.

“I said, you know, how’s this going to look? It’s kind of hard to redeem yourself,” he said. “But that’s just this [“Divergent’s”] world.”

However, producer Lucy Fisher has a different story.

“One of the ways we enticed Miles Teller to do the movie was to say, ‘You’re going to get to beat up Shai!’” she said.

-Source: MTV